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MACAA Committees

Agricultural Issues Committee

Paul Goeringer

Early Career Development Committee

William D. Lantz

Leadership and Administrative Skills Committee

Neith Little

Teaching and Educational Technologies Committee

Alan Leslie

4-H and Youth Programming Committee

Shannon Potter Dill

Agricultural Economics and Community Development Committee

Jennifer Rhodes

Agronomy and Pest Management Committee

Andrew Kness

Animal Science Committee

Jeff Semler

Horticulture and Turfgrass Committee

Virginia Rosenkranz

Natural Resources/Aquaculture Committee

Jacqueline Takacs

Sustainable Agriculture Committee

Emily Zobel

Communications Committee

Alan Leslie

Professional Excellence Committee

Haley Sater

Public Relations and Agricultural Awareness Committee

James W. Lewis Jr.

Recognition and Awards Committee

Virginia Rosenkranz

Scholarship Committee

Kelly Nichlos

Search for Excellence Committee

Ben Beale

Journal of NACAA Committee

Paul Goeringer

Life Membership Committee

Terry Poole


Emily Zobel, Treasurer

Annual Meeting

Ginny Rosenkranz

Policy and Nominating

Jennifer Rhodes, Chair
Dave Myers
Shannon Dill
Jeff Semler
Willie Lantz

Foundation Fund

Jim Lewis, Chair
Emily Zobel, Vice Chair


Alan Leslie

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